BLok – Das Online-Berichtsheft

Anwendung BLok läuft auf einem Laptop, Foto: Gerhard Schilling, Copyright: BIBB (alle Rechte vorbehalten)

BLok is an online record of training which can be jointly and securely used by all stakeholders involved in dual training. It is an integrated development portfolio which supports relevant topics such as the transparent progress of learning objectives, strengthening of autonomy, and initiation of processes of reflection.


  • Online report book with a daily and weekly format
  • Integrated development portfolio with document filing
  • Administrative areas for trainers and trainees
  • Messaging, commentary and reminder function
  • Actual versus target comparison of the status of training
  • Stored and adaptable general training plans
  • Weekly and annual views for monitoring purposes
  • PDF export of the report book for trainees
  • Detailed and role-specific instruction material

Benefits for company practice of using an online report book

  • Support for quality assurance in the training process via a transparent matching of stipulated learning objectives contained within the general training plans with company training practice
  • Strengthening of autonomy and capacities for reflection for trainees at SME’s
  • Fostering of cooperation between learning venues via new communication routes and a transparent display of learning progress
  • Simple introduction process thanks to alignment with existing standards (e.g. general vocational training plans and BIBB Board recommendation on the record keeping process)

Stages for the use of an online report book

  1. Using BLok to get training off to a successful startRegister company for BLok – Invite users and activate – Adapt BLok to own requirements – Stipulate support relations in BLok
  2. Documenting training to provide learning supportKeep report books – Authorise, monitor and comment on report books – Make use of the transparent status of development and of further additional functions
  3. Examinations and end of trainingGenerate report books in PDF format – Make report books available for the examination – Complete training