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The competence workshop – competence and process oriented vocational education and training

The competence workshop is a concept which provides conceptual and digital support to training in companies, at vocational schools and at inter-company vocational training centres. Under the title of “Training in a practically oriented way”, it has made a cross-media series of instruments available to training staff and teachers. This toolbox helps support training which fosters competences and takes place in a manner which is oriented to the work process. Interactive work folders, screens and explanatory videos all support the teaching and learning process and deliver effective impetuses for a company’s own training work.

Example tool – the competence check

Work process oriented vocational education and training requires appropriate monitoring of learning progress and competence development. Simply checking professional knowledge is a process with limits, and there is little awareness of practically related methods for the identification or monitoring of competences.

The competence check is a free online application which shows how the personal and professional competences of trainees can be identified and reflected upon by making reference to specific work outcomes evaluated via self-assessment (by the trainees) and external assessment (via trainers, teachers and colleagues/fellow pupils if appropriate).

Benefits for company practice of using a competence check

  • Recording of professional or personal competences prior to, during or after work with the assistance of the online application
  • Comparison of external assessment and self-assessment facilitates a comprehensive picture of the competences achieved during learning and work
  • Competences recorded are mapped on the basis of meaningful graphics
  • Support for appraisal meetings between learners and trainers

Stages for the use of a competence check

  1. Register
  2. List competences
  3. Carry out self-assessment
  4. Invite external assessment
  5. Conduct appraisal meeting